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Faith in Nature Orange Soap

14, July 2021

The timeless benefits of Orange and Seaweed

Orange and seaweed are two ingredients that have been with us from the start — but they weren’t chosen at random. Rivka turned to them for her first formulations because they're  like little medicine cabinets for your skin and hair.

Oranges conjure up images of health, sunshine and vitality. But Rivka wasn’t in California — where she’d become interested in herbalism —when she first made the orange soap pictured above. She was in Scotland, in the depths of winter. Which actually makes even more sense — as oranges are packed full of vitamin C and E that prevent skin from drying out and dehydrating.

As an ingredient to use in soap, the natural benefits of orange to your skin are hard to beat. It helps detoxify skin, exfoliate it, combat acne and assists in anti ageing.

It’s equally miraculous when it comes to your hair.

And even its fragrance is beneficial as its oil helps ease nervous tension and stress. Again, no happy accident as Rivka is a qualified aromatherapist.

It was during that same period of time that Rivka first collected armfuls of seaweed from the beach for use in her skin creams and soaps. Seaweed too has strong anti-oxidant properties, reducing harmful free-radicals and cellular damage. In both skin and hair, it aids regeneration, promotes good health and is, again, said to slow down ageing.

Rivka’s own skin suffered when she first arrived to the cold Scottish weather, having moved there from the warmth of the Californian sunshine. Her first instinct was to turn to these old favourites of ours. They worked for her — and it’s why we turn to them time and time again.