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Laundry drying outside

23, August 2021

6 Steps To Low Impact Laundry

Laundry - love it or hate it, we all have to do it. Actually, it’s such a part of our everyday, we can easily forget the pressure it puts on the planet. In an ideal world, we’d all wash our clothes in a stream and dry our sheets in a breezy meadow, but (for most of us) that’s just not realistic. Instead, we’ve found a few easy ways to lower the impact of our laundry days. 

  1. Go Natural

    Our Aloe Vera & Rosemary Laundry Liquid comes in 5L and 20L refillable bottles, it’s made with all natural fragrance and essential oils, and it’s super concentrated, so you can stretch it out for longer

  2. Chill Out

    A big chunk of energy is used just heating the water for your wash. A simple solution is to turn the temperature down a notch for clothes that are just as fresh. 
  1. Watch The Clock

    Shorter cycles = less energy and water = happy planet.
  1. Load ‘Em Up

    Hold back your garms until you’ve got a full load’s worth. This means you’ll do less washes overall.
  1. Get Hands On

    Spot clean if you can. Our laundry detergents even work well for those hand-wash-will-do moments. Plus, your clothes will last longer if you wash them less.
  1. Catch Some Air

    Say ta-ta to tumble drying. Switching over to good old fashioned air drying can reduce the carbon footprint of an average household by 2,400 pounds a year.