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Super Concentrated Laundry Liquid - 5L (150 washes)

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(£5.20 per litre)

Delivery FAQ »

(£5.20 per litre)

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Our 5L Laundry Liquid is a super concentrated bulk buy laundry liquid that offers a more sustainable way of reducing waste when washing your clothes. Unleash the power of biodegradable, plant-derived ingredients that will gently clean your clothes, even at lower temperatures, and are kind to sensitive skin. Formulated with aloe vera and rosemary oil to leave clothes smelling super fresh. Our non-biological laundry liquid contains no enzymes, parabens, phosphates or bleaches and is vegan and cruelty-free, perfect for anyone wanting to be kind to the environment and their clothes.

  • 5L eco-friendly laundry liquid made with 100% natural fragrance & essential oils
  • Provides approximately 150 washes
  • Non-biological laundry liquid
  • Parabens and sulphate-free
  • Vegan Society Approved and Cruelty-Free cleaning product
  • From our 5l bulk buy range
  • Dimensions: Depth 130mm Width 185mm Height 385mm

Instructions for use: Using the measuring cap provided, pour the Laundry Liquid into the machine’s drawer. Rinse, dry and close cap firmly after use. For hand washing, add 15ml to 5l of warm water. Avoid prolonged contact with damaged or sensitive skin and rinse and dry hands thoroughly after use. For stain removal, rub a small amount directly onto the stain, then wash immediately. Test all fabrics with a little laundry liquid on an inside seam to ensure compatibility. If there is slight sediment in the container due to the natural materials used, shake before use. Protect from frost.

Suitable for woollens, fine fabrics, colours, and reusable nappies. As with all laundry liquids, we recommend pre-treating heavily soiled fabrics before washing. Always follow individual garment care instructions.

Established in 1974, here at Faith In Nature we believe in harnessing the power of nature without harming it in the process. Our 5l laundry detergent bottles offer a more sustainable, plastic-reducing alternative for those looking to reduce waste. All our eco-friendly refill bottles are recyclable and help save on packaging with our customer’s favourite products in larger sizes. All fragrance ingredients are 100% natural in origin, so you can gently clean your clothes the natural way.

Ingredients Aqua (Water) Laureth-7* Sodium citrate* Sodium palmate**
Sodium cocoate* and/or Sodium palm kernelate** Aloe barbadensis leaf juice** Rosmarinus officinalis leaf oil* Glycerin*
Sodium chloride Sodium carbonate Limonene*

*Plant derived
** Certified sustainable origin
Contents: 5L

Delivery Van This product can only be shipped within the United Kingdom and European Union


Reviews of Super Concentrated Laundry Liquid - 5... 4.7 out of 5 (135 reviews)

Very good product
Great stuff!
Really good quality washing liquid at a good price.
Cleans well and smells great
I bought this with 50% off in sale so good price. Seems to do the job on the laundry and am happy about the ingredients list and that it seems I can refill quite locally
Excellent product, we are in a hard water area and this is a great laundry liquid. I return the 5l bottles to Faith in Nature for reuse/recycling so pleased there is a closed loop system as well.
Great cleaning power (hard water area) and a lovely, light, natural fragrance. I have tried other eco/refill brands but this is better by far.
Good to be able to bulk buy online and the price is reasonable.
I've been using this for years and really like it - plus I like buying it in bulk - and the containers can be cut up to make useful compost scoops for the garden!
It is environmentally friendly, not tested on animals and we have been using it for years. Very happy and it smells good too.
like the fragrance though woukd prefer unfragranced option re allergies
This is the first ethical cleaning product we've bought so can only compare it with a shop brand laundry liquid, but we have been reallly pleased with the results. We live in a hard water area & don't use any fabric softener but clothes are really soft after washing & the fragrance is very subtle. Our laundry isn't heavily soiled so we're not able to say how effective it is in this respect. However, it is as good if not better than our usual liquid in dealing with everyday soiling. We would definitely buy again.
I love Faith in nature and as and when my finances improve I’ll be buying more products. I highly recommend these products, no nastiest and animal friendly lovely thank you Faith in Nature
Subtle but lovely smell, will probably last forever!
Great value - works as well as any brand. Soft on clothes
Delighted with this laundry liquid. Leaves my washing clean & fresh
Products arrived well packed and on time.

I like the products and use the clothes washing products regularly, also washing up liquid. I also very much appreciate sending the containers back for re-use. I use the 5l containers.
Excellent product
Very economical, by buying bulk, be green, recycle... recycle.. Natural smell and clean clothes
Great price, great eco-friendly product
Love it. Washes well, smells great!
Very pleasant smell, and my clothes appear clean and fresh... maybe my imagination, but I don't think mould is building up in the way it did before with the old detergents
Very happy with washing results
Excellent product.
This has a nice scent from the bottle but it’s a bit lost after the wash. Seems to clean the majority of clothes quite well (some chocolate stains didn’t come out of my son’s jeans but chocolate is always hit and miss at coming out first time I’ve found).
Good results so far, smells pleasant.
Faultless eco laundry liquid. Washes well and leaves laundry fragrant and spotless. Rapid delivery and a good price.
Great product, washes laundry well, leaves a lovely scent and truly does manage 150 washes if the correct dosage is used. My go to laundry wash from now on.
Our family love the scent of Aloe Vera & Rosemary Laundry Liquid. It's kind to our skin and planet x
I rate this product very highly, washes perfectly, gentle on the skin and the environment.
Very good, but not very economical.
Smells great, it’s environmentally fine for our septic tank. Clothes come out clean and fresh at low and high temperatures. Good value for money and because I buy the large quantity I am reducing my footprint in terms of plastic waste.
Good product
Pleased with the product and would recommend to friends and family
A great product that gently cleans clothes without leaving any residues or a horrid chemically smell either. 100% recommended.
Used this in washes without softener to begin with (towels, dog beds, tea towels etc) Found it keeps the colours bright and the fabrics soft as they should be
Good quality product, recommend to anyone and we now use it for any washes at all. It works well but doesn’t leave much scent
Good value, washes well, nice fragrance
Smells good and clothes are clean.
Lovely fresh smell, will last me ages
I use the product along with a fabric softener. I perhaps use a bit more than is recommended, so I don’t really know it’s true potential. It is head and shoulders above any other ecological product and performs as well as the more well known brands
This laundry liquid is one of the best ecological ones I have tried. The laundry smells lovely & it cleans it very well too. I would recommend it for anyone with sensitive skin too as both my husband & I both have allergies & it’s fine for us both. It’s also very good value for money.
Very happy
Excellent throughout. Used by whole family.
My wife bought this for us to try and we have bought more, which speaks for itself. It gets the clothes as clean as your usual supermarket products, but makes you feel better helping the environment.
Works well, with environmental benefits a winner
Great product.
This is Super Concentrated Laundry Liquid so the use is as it says on the container. It is a fantastic product which we use all the time and great value for money. I would recommend the product to everyone.
Works really well at low temperatures
Only just started using this product, smells lovely and seems to do the trick ....
Natural fragrance - leaving clothes feeling fresh and lightly scented. Excellent quality
Works better than any other Eco brand I’ve tried, smells nice too
I have only used once to try as I have some left of a previous product but I prefer the light fragrance of this one. I would recommend anyone to try this who wants to use a more natural product on their laundry.
Leaves clothes feeling refreshed and clean.
does the job well, works well for septic tank
I highly recommend all your products, but particularly the laundry liquid - can't believe I ever used anything else now!
love the product but having problems with the pump
Cleaning well so far.
Great quality and lasts ages as only a little needed - would love a fabric softener made by you too!
Only just started using this so hope it’s good as I bought loads.
Great product.
Only given this 3 stars at the moment, as still reviewing it. The huge plastic container and pump system environmentally concerning.
Clothes washing and hand washing
Friends / contacts

great washing liquid for families, very good on stains, gentle on clothes, kind to the environment and to our sensitive skin, love the lack of a strong artificial fragrance
It does the job well!
I use it in the washing machine for laundry that needs more than the Eco ball. I seems to be fine. The perfume does not last long but the laundry is fresh enough.
Daily use.
Extremely good value for money.
Would recommend to everyone.
This is a really good laundry product. Excellent quality and good value for money. Anyone wishing to use a non bio agent should buy it.
Love the 5L, less plastic! Does the job just fine
I have been using this product for years. It is very good value for money and gets my clothes very clean. I would highly recommend it.
Very very pleased with this. Good bulk size and has done well with the laundry so far.
Washing machine.
Everyone who washes clothes.
Very good quality and practically odourless.
Good effective liquid. The fragrance seems strong when sniffed from the bottle but no obvious aroma on clothes when dry afterwards.
I have used the laundry liquid only few times so far, but it seems to work well. I would appreciate more types of the product
The quality is good,and I will be recommending it to my friend s.
Used to launder guest sheets in Airbnb
Lovely product, hopefully packaging of plastic could get reduced.
I use this at 30° to 60° and am always happy with the results. I would recommend this to everyone including people with sensitive skin/eczema.
I have been using it in all my washing and find it is very good.
Use it for every wash, it has not caused any allergies and the clothes look and feel clean
It has a nice fresh smell and I feel that it is more natural than big brand detergents. It does what I need.
Thank you for bringing back the *** In Nature Laundry Liquid, I was struggling to find an alternative product which I actually liked ... and now I don't have to :0)
I use the product in the washing machine. I would recommend this to friends and relatives. The quality is very high.
This is the first time I have used this product and it has rapidly become the best I have used. Gets clothes clean and is good for the environment.
I use this product for all of our washing. It is of good quality.
*** Refill bottle
Great product, last ages.
Perfect product for our lifestyle - practically scentless, too!
Used for all laundry, including some woollens. Works well and would recommend.
The product is good value for money, washes well and leaves the laundry smelling lovely & fresh.
Great to find a cruelty free, vegan laundry liquid that doesn't smell too strongly! I previously used Ecover until I found out about them testing on insects. Then I tried BioD, but it smells really strongly and triggered my asthma. This is perfect!
This is second time I have ordered this product. It is better than the products on the market and has the added benefit of not being tested on animals. Win win!
I was slightly concerned about this product when I first tried it, and wondered whether it would be up to the job. However, I need not have been concerned as it's brilliant and with a hint of essential oil so that the washing smells clean.
does what is says on the tin
Using this has revolutionised my machine washing - it works wonderfully and it's so great to get so many washes out of a single item purchased - saving me time and effort as well as hopefully helping to reduce plastic, even if only a tiny bit. I would recommend this product to anyone.
very good product, only need a small amount
Expensive but a little goes a long way
Great product
I always used to receive this product free of P&P but recently was charged over £5. This makes it more expensive than Method laundry wash which I can get in my local supermarket.
Seems to clean well. Doesn't seem to aggravate my son's eczema
does what it says on the label - my family are wearing the residual chemicals in their clothes all day - its a relief to know the exposure to nasties is limited
Bought this to give it a try instead of Ecover - so far excellent.
I really like this! It doesn't smell too much, and gets our clothes just as clean as the big brand one I used before.
Satisfying product and economical in use.
Excellent, economical.
Effective and nice understated smell ie fresh natural not overpowering
The laundry liquid is ideal choice for my clients who have a preference for this particular item.
Have used shampoo, handwash and conditioner for ages...love them all whatever the flavour. Great to be able to buy washing and washing up liquid to. I recommend you to everyone. Great - been using it for years and don't intend to stop. :-)
good, effective, not tested on or made from animals
Fab laundry liquid. Cleans well, smells great, super value and is also eco friendly. What more can I ask for?
Good laundry liquid
Read the reviews which were favourable except for one, who didn't like the lack if smell. Other similar products have a horrible smell so this is the one for me. Washes well and is economical to use.
I am using washing up liquide, loundry liquide and shampoos for more than 6months, and can tell you, that i will not go back to comercial products, that everyone is buying from shops.
Would never return to normal detergents, dread to think what they do to the word as they go down the drain!!
Late delivery, product a bit lumpy. Had to give a good shake to mix up
My favourite washing up liquid.
Excellent laundry liquid which we found cleans just as well as the top names. A little goes a long way and I have felt it doesn't cause me any skin irritation.
Always has been a good laundry cleaning agent.
Used in the washing machine for domestic washing.
I would recommend this product to all my friends.
Fantastic product well done.
-in a washing machine
-anyone intersted in a quality product that doesn't harm the environment
- excellent or I wouldn't keep buying it.
Good as ever
Absolutely brilliant product. A little goes a very long way. Clothes smell fresh without overwhelming fragrances & it’s kind to our planet too.
Have been using this for many years in m6 washing machine.
I use for all my washing. Especially good if you have excema/sensitive skin. Great quality.
A keeper!
I use this product for all my washes. Quality very good, works well in my machine, kind on clothes.
Great for laundry and mot full of chemicala or pollutants
we've been using this on our washing for years. My children particularly like it, esp my son who has autism, as he like the fact that it doesn't make his clothes smell.
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