Super Concentrated Laundry Liquid

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Our concentrated formula gives up to 30 washes, greatly reducing environmental impact. With real cleaning power even at lower temperatures, to gently clean your clothes the natural way.

Non Biological – contains no Enzymes, Parabens, Phosphates or Bleaches.

(Suitable for woollens, fine fabrics, colours and reusable nappies. As with all laundry liquids, we recommend pre-treating heavily soiled fabrics before washing. Always follow individual garment care instructions.)


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I am very impressed with this product, it may be my imagination but I swear our clothes are cleaner and brighter since using this. I wasn't too keen on the smell at first but I've spent so many years using different fabric softeners with such strong fragrances I just had to get used to something different and now I love it.

~ 18th Apr 2017 by Sarah
Laundry Gel

I am new to Faith in Nature and I must say I am impressed. My clothes are just as clean and smell nice and fresh and not overly perfumed. They feel nice and soft as well without the need for fabric softener. Will probably buy the larger size when I run out.

~ 5th Apr 2017 by Esther
All good

Decided to try this as we have been using other products from Faith in nature. The fragrance is lovely not false, but most important is it does work. my husband's white shirt collar came up clean even without pre treatment

~ 13th Mar 2017 by lorret
Lovely stuff

I find that this product does a very good job at cleaning our clothes. I have been using other Faith in Nature products for years but have only recently swapped my previous washing liquid for this one and am very pleased with the results.

~ 13th Mar 2017 by Pam
Suitable for Eczema/Psoriasis sufferers.

Suffered from the above in bouts all my life, this is the only liquid I have found that doesn't cause itching and flare ups. I do err on the side of caution and always do an extra rinse cycle, which may not be necessary. No soapy smell, no residue, deals with all but the most stubborn of dirt. love that it's cruelty free.

~ 12th Sep 2016 by kerry

Cruelty free, leaves a lovely subtle fresh, clean scent (nicely botanical as stated in other reviews), and everything has come out of the washer sparkling clean.

My favourite thing about this detergent though is that it can be used on/for everything - silks, wool, cold wash, hot wash, hand wash, and it's great for darks because it has no optical brighteners.

Love it.

~ 11th Jul 2016 by Jenny
Good Stuff

Have been using Faith's Laundry Liquid for a number of months now and am very happy. Smells nice without being overpowering, gets the clothes clean, and is 100% vegan! Can't see myself using anything else now.

~ 9th May 2016 by Toni
Excellent product

Works exactly as I would hope - cleans thoroughly, even on not so hot washes, and you don't need a lot. Best of all, in my opinion, is that there is no masking fragrance!

~ 3rd May 2016 by Sue

I shop with Faith in Nature because it is Cruelty Free, Jumping Bunny Logo, BUAV approved. I also like the prompt delivery and 5 litre containers means I do not have to be shopping every 5 minutes. Great product, great service.

~ 22nd Apr 2016 by stephen

Gentle to the most sensitive skin, fresh clean laundry, no nasty chemicals & cruelty free.

~ 14th Apr 2016 by carly
Lovely Fresh Washing

This leaves the washing clean and fresh and is kind to the environment. I have bought the 5l bottle and the smaller size, to decant into, as it works out more economical. I live in a hard water area and use 1 capful per normal wash which gives great results. A cap holds 40ml, the guidance is 33ml for soft/medium hardness and an extra half cap for hard water.

~ 11th Apr 2016 by Jill
very good

First vegan and cruelty free laundry detergent I've tried and I'm very happy with it. Clean clothes and a pleasant smell

~ 23rd Feb 2016 by Lucia

Following a bad chemical reaction to MI in a Nivea product I struggled to find a detergent I could use. This is brilliant and doesn't cause any skin re-action. Wish they would make a fabric conditioner too!

~ 7th Dec 2015 by Joan
5 star cleaning

Love that I can buy this in bulk to save on packaging waste. Lovely light smell and laundry is clean without chemicals.

~ 3rd Nov 2015 by Lisa
Nice smell on clothes

Been using the laundry liquid since January this year. I love the clean smell on clothes and the fact that it does not contain nasty chemicals is an added bonus. Downside is it does not lather like other laundry liquids but I guess as long as the clothes are clean that is OK. And wish it is cheaper!

~ 12th Oct 2015 by Dupe

Happy to have a liquid that I use from delicates to bedlinen. No killing "clean" smell when things are dry, just a scent of clean.

~ 6th Oct 2015 by C

Lovely light fragrance. Doesnt smell chemically. Cleaning performance seems to depend on washing machine as well. Didn't work as well as other products in my old washing machine but much better since I upgraded.

~ 21st Sep 2015 by Alexandra
finally found an amazing laundry product

laundry smells botanical and natural instead of chemical fragrance. The fact that it cleans so well without using harsh chemical/other nonsense AND it s vegan and cruelty free for me it is an all around Winner1

~ 16th Sep 2015 by silvia
love the smell

Clothes came out fresh and clean. Love knowing that it's not full of nasty chemicals and I can put in my girls skin without her scratching.

~ 14th Apr 2015 by claire
The best

After trying countless other products this is the only one I find that really cleans my gym clothes 100% and is 100% organic. I also find that the 5lt lasts nearly a year and that is doing 3 washes a week.

~ 12th Feb 2015 by Alexandra
5 litre laundry liquid

I love being able to buy this 5 litres at a time direct from Faith in Nature. It does a great job and I never run out. My only slight niggle is that the pump drips but I have fixed that by attaching small plastic milk carton under the spout with a rubber band - eventually there is enough to use it for a wash

~ 14th May 2015 by Stephanie
Super value bulk buy

Excellent product to use and very good value with the 5 litre packs.

~ 6th Jan 2015 by Ig

I have been using this for about 7 years now. We started using it because my son and husband suffer from eczema, and the difference it made to both their skin was dramatic.

It smells lovely and cleans well too.

I buy it on subscription through Amazon, so don't even have to think about it.

Will never use another laundry detergent and recommend it to everyone I know.

~ 5th Dec 2014 by Lara
washing liquid

We've been using this for quite some time now..........that we still use it says much more than we can.
Bonus = safe!

~ 4th Nov 2014 by Barry

Such a great alternative to more commercial products that are full of nasties! I have been using this for a few years and really happy with the results and can't see me ever having to change to a different one! Gentle and no fragrance is perfect for me!

~ 21st Oct 2014 by Anna-Cajsa

it's a great one for me as I react agaist many brand laundry products that are in the shops

~ 21st Oct 2014 by jacquie

Aqua, Fatty alcohol, C12-18, ethoxylated*, Laureth-7*, Sodium citrate*, Sodium palmate*** , Sodium cocoate* and/or Sodium palm kernelate***, Aloe barbadensis leaf juice**, Rosmarinus officinalis leaf oil*, Glycerin*, Sodium chloride, Sodium carbonate, Limonene o, , * Plant origin, ** certified organic, *** certified sustainable origin, o from essential oils

More information about Our Natural Ingredients

Using the measuring cap provided, pour the liquid into the machine’s drawer. Rinse, dry and close cap firmly after use. For hand washing add 15ml to 5L of warm water. Avoid prolonged contact with damaged or sensitive skin, and rinse and dry hands thoroughly after use. For stain removal, rub a small amount directly onto the stain, then wash immediately. Test all fabrics with a little laundry liquid on an inside seam, to ensure compatibility. If there is slight sediment in the container due to the natural materials used, shake before use. Protect from frost.

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Super Concentrated Laundry Liquid
  • Super Concentrated Laundry Liquid
  • Super Concentrated Laundry Liquid