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Our revolutionary crystal push-up stick deodorant controls the odour causing bacteria without blocking the pores, allowing perspiration without body odour.

  • Free from Parabens


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Amazing product!

I never thought it will work but IT DOES! I am over the moon!

~ 13th Mar 2017 by Alexandra
Brilliant product

I would never use another deodorant now. I have used the crystal stick for years and it is truly exceptional. It has no effect on sweating - it's not an antiperspirant - but it stops any odour. The stick lasts for ever - in spite of using it daily (sometimes more than once) it lasts for at least a couple of years. You have to use it damp so either wet the stick or the part you need to apply it to. It works for feet as well - I have some sandals that for some reason combine with sweat to really stink (or they used to) but now I apply the deodorant to my feet and the problem is solved. I can't believe what good value this is.

~ 14th Oct 2016 by Elisabeth
Love it

I've been using this for three weeks now and I love it. I really wasn't too confident but when Superdrug discontinued my roll on deodorant I decided to bite the bullet and give it a go. It's a brilliant product - apply it on the morning and I don't need it again for the rest of the day. Good thing too, since it's quite weighty and it needs to be wet to apply it.

I agree with the person who said the top should be flat so it can be stood upside down to drain, although the packaging could probably be done away with all together. I just apply the water carefully.

~ 15th Aug 2016 by Helen
Fantastic deodorant

I've been using this crystal deodorant for years and it's always been brilliant. People are concerned that it's not perfumed so believe they will smell but this is certainly not the case. Putting anything perfumed under your arms right next to your lymph glands is the riskiest thing you can do. Keep it natural. This product does exactly what it says.

~ 23rd Jun 2016 by Jeanne

I'm extremely impressed with this product. I have been using it over a week,and so far so good. I've found that Although you still sweat, you actually don't sweat as much as you think you do and it's not as uncomfortable either. I've not noticed any great sweat patches and no one has commented either. I have worn a normal antiperspirant once and found that I noticed a sweat smell under the cotton smell and thought that my under arms were more sticky after a long day and yoga. I'm still a bit apprehensive what it will be like in summer and 20+ degree temperatures and 10 hour shifts, but only time will tell. My tip would be to run it over your arms a good few times and always clean under your arms first if u don't have time to shower.

~ 18th Jan 2016 by Zoe
A new way of dealing with an age old problem

I love this product . Having read the instructions fully and made sure that after shaving under arms there is no sore or red areas, this is such a great natural way of keeping free of smells. You still sweat , but the pong just isn't there to offend thankfully and the product just lasts for ages too

~ 16th Nov 2015 by Katherine
A life saver!

I have spent years (and lots of money) trying to find a deodorant which I wasn't allergic to. I tried all sensitive, aluminium-free, non-allergic, etc deodorants from all over the world. Each one, within minutes, caused me to have red areas. Nothing worked and I was despondent. Then I discovered Faith In Nature in a local farm shop. I tried it. This product not only works perfectly but is a very effective anti-perspirant deodorant. If I could give 10 stars I would!

~ 6th Aug 2015 by Alistair
Sadly not for me

Didn't do much for me sadly

~ 26th Jun 2015 by Sharon
This is great

Never actually thought this would work as well as it does, really impressed! So much better than the usual aerosols & lasts forever

~ 26th Jun 2015 by Carolyn

Works perfectly and the crystal doesn't part company from the container as fast as other brands I've tried. Would thoroughly recommend, especially others who have so far only used antiperspirants, this is a far superior product for you - and your clothes!

~ 22nd Dec 2014 by Stefan
It really works

This works like magic! Great product & does the job

~ 12th Dec 2014 by Hazel
The Best on the market

I have tried many deodorants but this is the only one that works for me. It lasts from the moment you put it on to the moment you go to bed. It is a must buy !!

~ 4th Nov 2014 by Lizzie
Love this product but....

Love this deodorant but the design of the curved top is a 'mistake'. When the stick is wet after use all the water runs down to the bottom where it 'erodes' away the salt and the stick then falls out of the tube. A design improvement would be to make the top flat and then it could be stored upside down allowing excess water to fall into the top and dry without eroding the stick. So lose a star for the poor packaging. Over to you Faith In Nature!

~ 29th Sep 2014 by Andy
It does what it says

This is the second time I have bought this and the first time I was a bit dubious about how efficiently it would work. Having to wet it first took a bit of getting used to as did the fact that you still perspire but it really does the end of a busy day there is still no underarm odour. Highly recommended but a word of warning I stupidly turned the first one upside down without the top on and it fell out and smashed into small sharp pieces.

~ 29th Sep 2014 by Janet
Great product!

After the concerns regarding deodorants and a link to Breast Cancer I started using this product. 5 years on and I cant recommend it enough... why would you put a product containing aluminum right where your lymph glands are??!... No matter what member of family you have that use deodorants male or female tell them about this product and keep them from the risks of Breast Cancer.. fab product!!

~ 26th Aug 2014 by Jeanne
Peace of mind

I read that normal deodorants have cancerous agents and are bad for you in so many ways, plus I hated the white marks they left and the suffocating smell when you put them on. So I tried this, to be fair it is a nuisance walking to the bathroom and wetting it everytime I use it, but in the end it's worth it, it's better for my skin, doesn't clash with my perfume, or choke me when I put it on, so much cheaper! and allows me to sweat just without the smell. It's a perfect alternative

~ 20th Jun 2014 by Beatrice
One in a million

I am allergic to smelly chemical based sprays and have used one of these for over 20 years. They are very effective and each one lasts for a good couple of years resulting in excellent value for money and peace of mind. I really recommend it.

~ 27th May 2014 by Flora
It works!

I thought that this would only work on stay-at-home days but it really seems to be holding up even on recent hot days out. Love it!

~ 21st May 2014 by Caroline
Really works!

I was slightly... Well OK very dubious about this but felt I should make some changes for the better regarding environment, animal welfare etc. So anyway I have an outdoor job and I do sweat a bit when it's hot and I'm working hard, as I'm sure would most. Without thinking about it I used this deodorant on what turned out to be a hot humid day when a lot of digging was needed... I still sweated, as expected but no smell none at all! I've also been on a long bike ride in the sun again no smell. Very impressed would definitely recommend!

~ 21st May 2014 by Hannah

Ammonium alum

More information about Our Natural Ingredients

Use after shower or bath. Apply under the arms to wet skin or dampen the crystal first. Rinse stick after use. Do not use on broken or damaged skin.

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