Concentrated Formula Dishwasher Gel

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Our concentrated formula gives up to 30 washes, greatly reducing the environmental impact, leaving your dishes, cutlery and glasses sparkling clean the natural way.


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Not only is this fabulous quality but it lasts forever. Also great service from this company, as always.

~ 2nd May 2017 by LINDA
Great little product

I really like this dishwasher gel. It gets my glasses sparkling clean even on a rapid wash cycle and I feel very smug knowing that it is kind to the environment as well. A measuring cap would be useful with this bottle.

~ 5th Apr 2017 by Esther
Goodbye Finish gel!

I have been using this product for 2 weeks and it is equally as effective as the Finish gel I have been using for years. The bonus is there is no chemical after smell plus it is made in UK, kind to the environment etc. I live in a hard water area and use 25ml per full load as recommended on the bottle. I invested in a 5l bottle as well as the smaller size as it is more economical in the long run.

~ 11th Apr 2016 by Jill
Good diswasher tablet alternative

I like this product for a couple of reasons. It works (a great start), it is no more expensive than many alternatives (I believe), it is kinder to nature than many alternatives and it is made in the UK meaning that road miles are lower and my pound is staying in the UK.
A thoroughly good win all round for me.
After trying a bottle I now purchase it by the gallon and top up the original bottle.

~ 4th Jan 2016 by Nigel
Very pleased

Cleans well and good value (5L)

~ 18th Sep 2015 by Jo
Great product

This is a great product I bought the 5lt which should last an age, 300 washes I believe. Great value & cleans really well.

~ 18th Aug 2015 by Sharon
Very pleased

I was very pleasantly surprised by this product. It is cleaning well and we will continue to use it. I was trying to find an eco solution that was UK manufactured and this ticks the boxes.

~ 27th Jul 2015 by Nigel

Really impressed with this product - I used to use ecover but wanted something made in the UK and with higher ethical standards. It works really well and doesn't leave spots on cutlery, or a funny smell! It does discolour some plastics (storage boxes and similar) but is fine for things like coloured plastic measuring spoons.

I found I needed to use at least 20ml for a good wash but it doesn't need rinse aid so that saves money and planet. I bought the 5l bottle after my first small bottle - really good value and decants easily.

~ 1st Jul 2015 by Jen
5 Ltr Dishwasher Gel

Having tried the smaller bottle we decided we liked the results enough to depend on this for our dishwasher and made the bulk purchase.

~ 8th Jun 2015 by Terry
Dishwasher Gel

Have been using this product for some time:

5 litre bottle attached to a large dishwashing machine in a school environment and find the results are excellent.

~ 24th Apr 2015 by Mary
5Ltr Dishwasher Gel bulk buy.

Excellent product about as environmentally friendly as you are likely to get for a dishwasher, very effective in use and a great deal bought in bulk with the 5 litre packs.

~ 6th Jan 2015 by Ig
By far and away the best we've seen

Odourless and tasteless, and doesn't leave any aroma as an aftertaste on the cleaned crockery and cutlery. Worthwhile buying in the larger gallon drums as an economy of scale

~ 5th Dec 2014 by Tony

Aqua, Tetrasodium glutamate diacetate, Sodium silicate, Sodium hydroxide, Sodium citrate, Xanthan gum

More information about Our Natural Ingredients

Remove food scraps and rinse heavily soiled items before loading. Check your manufacturer’s instructions and pour liquid into the dispenser.
Because of concentrated formula, use a dose of approximately 17ml, but for best results in hard water areas or on heavily soiled dishes, add up to 50% more gel. One tablespoon is approximately 20ml. Avoid contact with sensitive, broken or irritated skin. Close cap firmly and rinse and dry hands immediately after use.
There may be a slight sediment in the container due to the natural materials used, shake to remove.

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Concentrated Formula Dishwasher Gel
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  • Concentrated Formula Dishwasher Gel