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Our timeline

So where did Faith in Nature begin?


Within the hustle and bustle of New York City, Rivka Rose had an innate passion for nature from a young age. On many a visit to the grocery store she would buy Avocado Seeds (whilst a superfood now..a rarity then!) , plant them, and watch them grow. As time passed, Rivka moved from growing seeds to producing herbal ointments, mixing products in her kitchen sink and hand picking the raw ingredients!

After a move to Scotland, dealing with the change of weather, Rivka developed a moisturiser..ideal against the harsher Scottish winds. And thus Faith in Nature began. Her vision was to create an affordable beauty and skincare range for everyone to use from natural, vegetable sources, which were animal-cruelty free and environmentally friendly. This was a unique vision in the UK where even the most ‘natural’ ranges used mineral oil as a base ingredient and synthetic perfumes.

Numerous visits to the chemist for ingredients and bottles, and trips to London to pitch her products and sell from her rucksack, Rivka realised that the world of organic and fair trade didn’t exist. It wasn’t fashionable, and it wasn’t mainstream, but with persistence and passion, Rivka created a range of products.

40 years later, and with 40 years heritage, what Faith in Nature stood for then is still true now; Ethics, Quality, High standards, Value for money.

And to this day.. Rivka still grows her avocado seeds.



Rivka with the first Faith in Nature mixer



Rivka creates her first product – Organic Seaweed Shampoo; the seaweed was gathered from the British coast, macerated and pressed to make an extract! Rivka opens her  very first factory in Edinburgh. Buying  two shop fronts; making one an office and packing and dispatch area and the other a working factory.


The brand grows from strength to strength and moves to a new factory in Lancashire where the production grows until the walls are bursting, utilising every single centimetre of space!


Faith in Nature continues to grow in popularity and needs more space and an even bigger factory- growing from 2500 square feet to nearly 30,000 square feet!


Faith in Nature is proud to be the Number One Hair Care brand in the Health Food Sector!



Faith in Nature donates over £15,000  worth of products to InKind Direct. Founded in 1997 by HRH The Prince of Wales, In Kind Direct distributes consumer goods donated by companies to UK charities working in the UK and overseas. Rivka is invited to afternoon tea at Clarence House, along with other InKind Direct sponsors.


Rivka  celebrates over 40 years at the helm of Faith in Nature. Our award-winning brand now produces over 200 naturally derived products including hair care, skincare, baby care and natural home care.


Rivka in field of lavender

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