Hair care tips every girl should know

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There are some girls we all know that, no matter the occasion, always have hair that looks the part — healthy, glossy and full of life. Believe us, no matter how much they protest otherwise, having hair that exudes such vitality is no accident and will take effort on their behalf. Luckily, our five hair care tips that every girl should know will, if you embrace them, leave you hair looking sultry, sophisticated and ready for anything.

How’s your sleep?

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We look at how sleep works, why getting a good nights sleep can be difficult and what you can do to try and improve your quality of sleep.

What Hair Type Are You?

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View our latest infographic to find out which Brave Botanicals products are best for your hair type.

National Chocolate Week

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Chocoholics rejoice because as well as consuming your favourite chocolate, you can also enjoy the benefits that you may never have known existed.

World Vegetarian Day

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We meet vegetarian blogger Elena to learn more about why she decided to become vegetarian, how she has a balanced diet and find out what her favourite Faith in Nature product is!

How To Repair Damaged Hair

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Damaged hair is an issue that many of us suffer from due to excessive hair styling in this modern age.