They just weren’t considered fashionable, cool or mainstream.

But the winds of change are afoot…

We’re proud to say that our very own Rivka Rose, founder of Faith in Nature, was one of the first pioneers who firmly believed in the value of cruelty free beauty products using naturally derived and certified organic ingredients.

Rivka and her faith in nature began to break down barriers, forging a new way of thinking about beauty products by not using petroleum, synthetics, or artificial colours in her products.

And, we’re delighted that, slowly, many others have come round to our way of thinking.

These days, opting for products that are kind to the skin and the environment has become ‘de rigeuer’ for many people. And that, makes us very happy indeed.

In this new media age it’s wonderful to see that at last word is getting out. We love hearing how our products can make a difference to people’s lives.

Here’s just one example from beauty blogger Niomi Smart. Hope you enjoy it…