Legend has it that when Captain Cook and his sailors first visited the Australian continent, they used the leaves of the Tea Tree to make a reviving hot drink.

What they actually thought of the taste is anyone’s guess…but from then on, the tree became known as the Tea Tree.

With its distinctive aroma, the leaves and oil of Tea Tree have been used for centuries, not least as a traditional Aboriginal remedy for bruises, as an insect repellent and bite soother and even to treat skin infections.

Arguably one of the most versatile essential oils, Tea Tree has a multitude of uses. Today it is used across the world in body, bath and hair products for its anti-septic, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties.

But is Tea Tree Oil as good as they say it is?

Well, here at Faith Towers, we think so. Here are just a few reasons why…

Tea Tree Oil Shampoo Benefits

Ideal for normal to oily hair, a shampoo formulated with Tea Tree and other naturally derived ingredients is ideal for cleansing excess oils from the scalp without leaving hair dry and brittle. Many parents also use Tea Tree Shampoo for its purported bug repelling properties.

Benefits of Tea Tree Oil on Skin

Just as Tea Tree can help cleanse an oily scalp and greasy hair, it also works wonders as an anti-inflammatory on skin.

Skin prone to acne and breakouts may benefit from a gentle wash with a natural Tea Tree vegetable soap, followed by a gentle cleansing and moisturising regimen.

Both cleansing and cooling, a Tea Tree Shower Gel is also perfect for a refreshing pick me up in those sticky summer months.

Tea Tree Oil for Nasal Congestion

The invigorating aroma of Tea Tree is unmistakable and great for relieving congestion and clearing the airways. Next time you succumb to a stuffy cold, why not relax in the tub with a Tea Tree Foam Bath and let the steam vapours work their magic…

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