Organic Coconut Oil is on the tip of everyone’s tongue if you’re interested in health and beauty. The benefits of organic Coconut Oil for your hair are many. It is recognised as consisting of properties which help to enrich our hair, mainly down to its high composition in saturated fats.

In countries such as India, organic Coconut Oil has been recognised as one of the best natural ingredients for hair care for many years and is used as a treatment on a regular basis. For your hair to benefit from organic Coconut Oil, the best application is to massage into your hair and scalp, every week or two, or depending on your needs.

Here are 5 top benefits organic Coconut Oil has for your hair

Gloss and shine – Regular massage of organic Coconut Oil into your hair and scalp will help to create a gloss and shine to the hair’s appearance.

Encourage hair growth – Due to the composition of organic Coconut Oil, it will help to bind to the protein in hair and protect both the roots and strands of hair from breakage.

Repair damaged hair - Organic Coconut Oil is said to be extremely effective in preventing protein loss which will help to repair damaged hair.

Reduce dandruff - Some believe that conditions such as dandruff could be reduced through the application of organic Coconut Oil to the scalp.

Daily moisturiser/detangler – By applying a small amount every day will help to naturally keep your hair looking healthy and untangled.

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