Ever feel bamboozled by the vast choice of hair care out there? Unsure what to use on your specific hair type?

Mother Nature is the source of many beneficial ingredients used in natural hair care today. At the same time as caring for your hair and scalp, many formulations made with naturally derived ingredients and aromas can also help relax and revive you.

What to look for...

Normal to dry hair

  • Lavender & Geranium – used for generations for their soothing properties, these complementary relaxing fragrances are great for gently cleansing hair.
  • Raspberry & Cranberry – both with high levels of anti-oxidants these ingredients are perfect for hair that is nourished and refreshed with red berry aromas.
  • Aloe Vera - known for its beneficial properties Aloe Vera also contains many enzymes and amino acids to care for both hair and scalp.

Normal to oily hair

  • Neem & Propolis – known for their natural anti-bacterial qualities these are ideal for use on oily or greasy hair.
  • Grapefruit & Orange - Organic sweet orange oil and grapefruit are good choices for removing excess oils and leaving hair clean and soft. Their zesty scent is a great way to energise your day too.
  • Tea Tree – with its invigorating aroma, natural tea tree oil also offers anti-septic properties making it ideal for deep cleansing hair without stripping it of moisture.

All hair types

  • Chocolate – the feel good factor of organic cocoa and delicious chocolate without the calories. Ideal for all hair types but especially for adding extra shine to darker shades of hair
  • Pomegranate & Rooibos – these popular natural fruits offer various nutrients plus antioxidants and are a great ‘all-rounder’ for normal hair
  • Seaweed – rich in anti-oxidants, organic seaweed contains beneficial minerals and proteins to promote healthy hair

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