Uplifting scents aside, ever wondered if the beauty benefits of citrus oils and tropical extracts add up to more than just a heady aroma evoking visions of distant shores?

Well, truth is, there’s soooo much more to these clever ingredients courtesy of Mother Nature.

From skin stimulating and scalp rejuvenating properties to relieving nervous tension, the benefits are endless.

But...we know you haven’t got all day. So here’s our top pick of just a few of the wonders of citrus oils and extracts…

Coconut Oil

Pressed from Coconut kernels, organic Coconut oil inhibits the loss of skin moisture, making skin smoother. Not only does it smell divine, it’s a real savior for dry skin and hair.

Grapefruit Oil

Extracted from the peel of Citrus Paradisi, its aroma has an uplifting effect on the mood and is believed to help in times of stress. It’s also a good one for clearing congested, oily or acne prone skin and is an effective, gentle toner.

Lemon Oil

Ah, Lemon oil. A multi-tasking little corker. Obtained by cold pressing pure lemon peels, Lemon stimulates skin functions. Both cleansing and rejuvenating it is suitable for use on both for skin and scalp.

Lime Oil

Expressed from the rind of Citrus Aurantifolia, lime oil not only has an uplifting aroma, but it works a treat to gently detoxify and tone the skin.

Orange Oil

Extracted from the peel of Citrus Aurantium Dulcis, its aroma provides feelings of happiness and warmth. Revitalising and gently detoxifying. The natural fragrance also helps ease nervous tension and stress.


While it goes without saying that we think this spiky fruit is brilliant, independent studies have also suggested that pineapple extract has anti-inflammatory effects and the anti- oxidant constituents have the potential to promote healing.

So, why not add a little fruity beauty to your life? Before you know it they’ll all be saying, ‘oil have what she’s having…’

Ok, we can’t promise that…but we promise they’re really good.

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