Thank you to everyone who joined in our recent Facebook Q & A. Rivka always enjoys interacting with you, and felt that you asked meaningful and thought provoking questions.

Below is a summary of the chat, and if you have any more questions for Rivka, please do let us know, or stay tuned for our next Ask Rivka Session, which we will announce via our Facebook and Twitter feeds.

Q: I've only recently discovered Faith in Nature, via your shower gels -- I LOVE them, and am now looking forward to trying more of the range. I am really interested in knowing how you come up with your formulations -- the combinations in your shower gels are intriguing and wonderful. Looking forward to chatting, I hope!

A: How do I develop my formulations and aroma blends? I have tapped into my experience in herbalism, aromatherapy, nutrition, and natural lifestyle to find the most beneficial raw materials that make a difference to skin and hair. By blending specific beneficial ingredients my aim is to enhance skin and hair and to create an enchanting experience when using the products. We hope you continue to enjoy our products and please let us know which ones you try next, we'd love to have your feedback. I hope you have noticed our new #freethefragrance campaign where we are celebrating just how marvellous our natural essential oil blends are and how they excite people!

Q: Which shampoo/conditioner would be best for fine, dry, frizzy hair?

A: I would suggest the Hemp & Meadowfoam, Ginkgo Biloba, or Lavender & Geranium Range for your hair type. Please do let us know how you get on, your feedback is very important to us.

Q: I'd love to know if you are looking into serums.

A: We are always looking and new and creative ideas and this could be one that could capture the imagination of many customers apart from yourself! I do have good news that we are adding to the range, a very special hair care product that we know you will love. It will be available from early 2016 so watch this space!

Q: Purple shampoo for grey hair coming?

A: Thanks for your interesting request. What a fab idea! We will put this request on our Innovation List and see how many votes we get! Stay tuned!

Q: My query is, please make a moisturising face cream! I used to use Oil of Evening Primrose moisturising face cream and it was taken off the market about 2 years ago. I do not believe in the new products available stating less wrinkles and a younger looking face, they all contain chemicals - besides any facial changes as in 'wrinkles' is natural as age progresses but we can all benefit from moisture as the face is the first image another person will look at when they either meet you or chat to you. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to express my feelings!

A: Great to hear for you and we couldn't agree more and that is why we make wonderful moisturisers that can be used daily and help enhance the natural beauty of each of us. We are in the process of developing a new super duper skin care range and we are considering using Evening Primrose Oil in the formulation. Thanks for your input, it is always very valuable to hear what people want.

Q: How do you get your soaps to last so long? And not go mushy? What's the secret? (Grapefruit is delicious ‪#‎freethefragrance!)

A: The soaps last so long because we have an amazing recipe! I can't reveal our top secret ingredients but I am delighted that you love and use our soaps at home. I love the Grapefruit and Orange soap, too!

Q: I love Faith in Nature shampoo and conditioner, I use the Lemon & Tea Tree, it works a treat for me and I wouldn't ever use anything else now. I buy the 5 ltr bottles and pump it into the 400ml bottles. What I'd love would be to buy empty 400ml bottles from you, to replace my old over-used bottles. It would be nice if you sold empty bottles, perhaps with patterns on and the Faith in nature logo. What do you think?

A: Hi Catherine, we think that's a really inventive and cute idea. We are delighted that you buy the 5 ltr bottles and decant it into the smaller 400 ml bottles. We will look into this and if anything becomes available we will post it on the website!

Q: Have you considered doing refills in stores as to not waste plastic bottles?

A: Thanks for getting in touch. We think that's a brilliant idea. Well over 35 years ago, we made our products available in bulk containers to our retailers so that they could decant Faith in Nature Hair Care Products into customers' bottles. In this area we were pioneers and offer the best quality products for the best price. There are several retailers around the country who still do refills and decant in their shops. Just check your local area for this unique service. You can find your nearest stockists here:

Q: How to you get inspiration for new products? Would you ever consider a serum to compliment your face creams?

A: WOW, what a fabulous idea! For inspiration, we look at feedback from the market including trends and customer feedback, and I draw on my personal and professional experience to develop exciting and innovative new formulations. In 2016 we are launching a variety of new products that you will definitely love! We don't want to let the cat out of the bag yet so stay tuned!

Q: Just wanted to say it’s to your credit that when my ten year old daughter goes into our local health shop she goes straight to the Faith in Nature products to smell the next shampoo and soaps she wants.

A: Aw, you are bringing a tear to my eye! I love that! Sounds like she is ready to #freethefragrance!

Q: We have used your soap and cleaning products for many years at Ecocamp Glenshee, a glamping site in Scotland, and receive lots of compliments. We would love to do a promotion with our customer using Fait in Nature products. Would this be possible?

A: Hi Fiona, your Ecocamp sounds really fun! Scotland is very near and dear to my heart as I started Faith in Nature in Edinburgh. By all means, please contact us at [email protected].

Q: Hi! We love your products! I use the shampoo and conditioner. However, I have very thick long hair which is prone to getting frizzy, dry and tangled if I blow dry it without using a smoothing serum before drying. In the summer I let it dry naturally so it isn't an issue but currently I am using a serum before blow drying - I wonder if it's possible to create a natural smoothing serum to apply before drying.

A: You are not the first person who has asked me about serums for hair today! We understand that frizziness is a big issue with hair and if we can, we'd love to help you. We will definitely put this idea forward to the Research and Development Team. Thanks so much for contacting me, and we will keep you informed of our developments through the website.