Our new natural Anti-Dandruff Hair care range works from the 1st wash to reduce dandruff. We've been working hard to develop a range of Natural Anti-Dandruff products and we've cracked it!

Having dandruff or an itchy scalp are common conditions that can arise at any time. It can be uncomfortable and embarrassing for those who suffer.

Our bodies naturally shed dead skin cells during new cell production. Sometimes this process can speed up and excessive dead skin cells are produced - dandruff.

Symptoms are believed to be worsened by various factors including stress, dry or oily skin, climate or washing hair too little or too much.

The refreshing Anti-Dandruff Lemon & Tea Tree Shampoo and Anti-Dandruff Mint Shampoo contain a 100% naturally active anti-dandruff ingredient and can help to reduce scalp irritation. Both ranges also include complementary Conditioners and Shower Gel and Foam Baths.

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