From parental concerns about insecticide resistance, to reluctance to use chemical based products on children’s scalps, many parents are keen to find more natural alternatives to deter these unwelcome little critters.

The therapeutic benefits of naturally derived ingredients like Neem, Propolis and Tea Tree have been associated with anti-bacterial and insect repelling properties for generations. Both Faith in Nature’s Neem & Propolis and Tea Tree hair care ranges (LINK) draw on the properties of these trees, plants and herbs. With the addition of expertly blended pure essential oils they are developed specifically with families in mind.

“As a busy mum with two young children under six, it was my worst nightmare to discover my son Henry had picked up head lice,” says Jen Danby, from Cheshire. “I’m mindful of the products I use on my children preferring to use ones that are as natural as possible but still affordable.

“After treating the head lice, I wanted to find a natural shampoo and conditioner that would help maintain his healthy head of nit free hair.

“I spoke to an aromatherapist who advised there are lots of naturally derived ingredients with anti-parasitic qualities I could try. I did some research online and came across Neem, which is believed to have repellent properties.

“The whole family has been using Faith in Nature’s Neem & Propolis Shampoo and Conditioner for four weeks now. As a maintenance measure every Sunday I go on a bug busting mission. After using the shampoo and massaging the conditioner, which smells gorgeous, into Henry’s scalp I wet comb his hair, to check we’ve had no more visitors! Using the Neem shampoo also gives me peace of mind as I know I am keeping on top of the situation.”

* Source: NHS