We were delighted to welcome BBC Breakfast to Faith in Nature last Monday (13th June).

The BBC was with us to film a piece on Faith’s export activities which was transmitted as part of the BBC flagship Breakfast news programme on Sunday 19th June.

We export to 35 countries, 20 of which are in the EU, and the BBC was keen to look at the impact of the UK remaining or leaving the EU on our export activities.

BBC presenter, Jayne McCubbin interviewed our Managing Director, Joy Parkinson.

Speaking about the opportunity to showcase Faith in Nature on primetime national television, Joy said, “We were pleased to be selected by the BBC for the news piece and delighted to talk about our export success.

“During the filming Jayne produced a crystal ball and asked me to comment on what would happen if we left or remained in the EU.

“Being part of the EU is important to the business and if we remain there is more certainty as it would be business as usual.

“We were delighted to make a small contribution to the debate and it certainly made for an interesting start to the week.”