Well, that was exciting! Rivka had such a wonderful time in her first live Facebook Q & A. She loved chatting with you and answering your thoughtful questions, and looks forward to the next time. We will definitely be scheduling another live Facebook chat in the future so be sure to stay tuned to our social media channels, where all of our news and updates are posted daily. Our Facebook page is: https://www.facebook.com/faithinnature and our Twitter handle is: @FaithInNature.

We had a great turnout and an inspired conversation and we have summarised all of your questions and answers during the 1 hour chat here. We hope you enjoyed the experience as much as we did.

Q: Hi Rivka, as a woman in business myself, I am often intrigued how other women start their businesses. What inspired you to set up Faith in Nature, and how do you choose your products?

A: Hi, thank you for your question. I am delighted that you are intrigued by women in business and what motivates them to start on their journey. For me, quite simply I needed a good moisturiser and couldn't find any in the UK market to suit my skin, or would deeply moisturise without leaving a greasy film. So, as I had a background in nutrition and herbalism, I thought I would play around and come up with some products. And here we are 40 years later as brand leader and still excited. Choosing products for sale to our consumers is my favourite job. We listen to the feedback we receive from our customers, we study the market, and look for opportunities to develop and create the most beautiful and natural products available, and we base it on our years of experience. Our loyal customers are ever ready to make suggestions and we are grateful for their contribution.

Q: Hi Rivka - I love that you are completely cruelty free in your products, this is a really big deal to me.
As a huge animal lover, it is most definitely something I look out for when buying beauty products. So I do want to thank you for that.
I wanted to ask, how you do as a business woman & brand ambassador, think that you could inspire other companies to go down the same line as you, by being completely cruelty free.
Thank you x

A: Hi, thank you for thoughtful question and it is also a really big deal to me to be cruelty free. As an ambassador in this sector, our success should inspire others to be bold enough to make changes in their procedures. When I first started out, it was much more difficult to obtain products that were cruelty free, and I am happy that there is much more opportunity for companies to be cruelty free and we are delighted that others are using us as an example. Thank you, RR

Q: What products do you recommend for a newborn from the Humphrey's range?

A: Hi, thank you for your question. Well of course I would recommend all of the Humphrey's Range products, but I particularly love the Chamomile Bubbly Bath and Shampoo followed by our gorgeous and soothing Body Lotion. Here is a link to all of our Humphrey's Corner products https://www.faithinnature.co.uk/baby-care Love, RR

Q: I hear it all began for you up here in Scotland, how did that come about? Love the products!

A: Hi Fiona and Simon, I fell in love with Scotland and felt very much at home there, so it was natural for me to set up the first factory off Easter Road in Edinburgh back in the 70s. Glad you love the products!

Q: My question is, would you be open to new suppliers from the Caribbean? My husband and I are farmers in St Lucia and would be honoured to supply you with organic produce for your products, as they are in line with our beliefs and ethics, unlike so many other brands.

A: Hi Imani, thank you for your question. It is so fantastic that you are farmers in St. Lucia and we support the great work you are doing in growing organic products. We would be interested to find out more about what you grow, so please feel free to email us your details to: [email protected] We'd love to hear from you, RR

Q: Hello Rivka! What do you make of reports that say ingredients such as Parabens and BHT (and other cancer causing chemicals) are safe to use in beauty/healthcare products?

A: Hi Michelle, Thank you for your question. At Faith in Nature, we don't use these ingredients in our products. We always use carefully considered ingredients that have been approved by our external Independent Safety Auditor. There is a lot of information out there, and it can be a bit confusing and sometimes contradictory. Thank you again, Best, RR

Q: Hi, firstly I want to say how much I love your products - my hair and skin have never been in better condition. My question is we have recently moved to Spain and the water is drying my girl’s skin out and making it itchy. What lotion is best to use from the Humphrey’s Corner range or the adult range? And can I order from Spain or do you have a supplier here?

A: Hi Ellie, thank you so much for getting in touch. We are so glad to hear that you are such fans of our products. Without knowing your girls ages, I would certainly suggest Humphrey's Corner Body Lotion if they are under 14. Thereafter, I suggest Faith in Nature Revitalising Body Lotion. We do have a supplier in Spain, and if you contact [email protected], we will certainly give you their contact information. Thank you, RR

Q: Hi Rivka I was wondering how important it is to avoid sulphates in body care and beauty products?

A: Hi, thank you for your question. Amongst cosmetic ingredients, there is a whole raft of benefits and deficiencies and usually there is a balance to be struck. In some cases the answer is very obvious; formaldehyde is a definite no whereas Aloe Vera is a definite yes. Sulphates fall in the middle ground. They have great benefits such as good foaming and cleansing, but they can be irritant in some formulations. Therefore it's necessary to ensure that if they are included then the balance of the whole formulation needs to be carefully considered to make the products pleasant and effective. Thank you again for your considered question. Best Wishes, RR

Q: Hi, I know that 'Faith in Nature' use ammonium laureth sulphate, which some natural/organic companies won't use. I find ingredients a minefield sometimes, because even though it says 'vegetable derived' it's still a sulphate and I believe sodium benzoate is not too good. Look forward to your reply.

A: Hi, we do understand that ingredients can be confusing. Just to explain, sodium benzoate is a naturally occurring ingredient in the plant world and is a very successful preservative. It has great credentials and it is endorsed by most of the natural and organic certifying bodies. We hope this helps. Thank you, RR

Q: Our question for Rivka is: What inspires new ranges like the fragrance free one? How much is customer feedback and how much is looking at customers' changing needs - considering the increasing trend of people with allergies/ sensitivities?

A: Hello, Thank you for contacting us. Many people love a beautiful aroma, but we understand that there are people who prefer products that are un-fragranced. Definitely customer feedback plays a role in how we develop our products and we try to be abreast of changing needs and demands while remaining conscious of our environment. Thank you, RR

Q: Hi Rivka - Your products fly off our shelves and we get great feedback on them! Great choice coming to Edinburgh after the US (we're biased) but why did you pick this location?

A: Hi, many thanks for your question! It's great to meet you again on Facebook as we have a long history of working together. We are delighted that our products are flying off the shelves and that our Scottish friends appreciate our ranges and our ethics. Like I mentioned earlier, I fell in love with Scotland and love Edinburgh especially and I miss walking down the Royal Mile. Best Wishes, RR