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Your Summer Beauty Regime

Summer beauty

The last few weeks have been exceptionally warm; the sun has been beating down and UK temperatures have broken the 30°C mark! Love it or hate it, the problem is our hair and skin aren’t used to it and not looking after them could cause lasting damage.


Don’t you worry, though! We’ve got some top tips to keep your skin and hair in tip top condition, so you can enjoy the summer looking your best. 


Wear sunscreen

This one usually goes without saying (unless you’re Baz Luhrmann!) but in heat like we’ve seen, you need to apply sunscreen even if it’s cloudy or you’re planning to be in the shade. It’s also extremely easy to get sunburn while in the car, which we don’t often consider, so spritz yourself before your commute, even if the A/C is on and the windows are closed.


Protect your head too

We often forget that our scalp can get burnt too, especially if you have fair hair. If you’re going to be in the sun for a long period use sun screen that’s specifically made for hair and heads or rock a hat or a head scarf.  



When you’ve been out in the sun all day, it’s important to refresh your skin again. Slathering on a good moisturiser, like our Replenishing Moisturising Cream which will keep your skin feeling soft and hydrated.


Shampoo less

Being warm usually means we shower more frequently and it’s easy to fall into the trap of washing your hair every day. Shampooing can strip natural oils that stop your hair and scalp from drying out and removing them can lead to breakage and dandruff. If you spend your day at work getting warm and need to shower every day, then try using a natural product designed to help the scalp, such as our Lemon and Tea Tree Shampoo and Conditioner to keep both your head and hair in good condition.


Drink plenty

Good advice all year round, but your hair and skin benefit from lots of hydration. In summer, a mix of the heat, direct sunlight, air conditioning and sweat all work to dehydrate you, so lots of water is even more important!


Use hydrating products

As well as hydrating inside out, you can hydrate from the outside in! Aloe Vera can soothe burns and hydrate skin, so products like our Aloe Vera and Ylang Ylang Shower Gel can leave you feeling much cooler and more refreshed! Coconut is also widely recognised for its moisturising properties and if you love the smell, then our Coconut Gel and Foam Bath feels and smells amazingly tropical. Watermelon is another wonderful hydrator that is used far less than its counterparts, but we have used it in a Shower Gel, Shampoo and Conditioner! It’s believed to have natural moisturising properties and promote moisture retention in the body. 

 watermelon hair care

Think natural with your wardrobe too

Natural fibres, like linen and cotton, are more breathable than manmade ones helping you to stay cool when the mercury rises. They’ll also wick moisture away quicker, so there’s less chance of nasty, visible sweat patches. Keep it loose for extra comfort.


There are lots of things you can do in the summer to keep cool and make sure your hair and skin looks and feels its best. We’d love you know your top tips, tweet us @faithinnature!

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