World Vegetarian Day |

World Vegetarian Day

World Vegetarian DayBecoming a vegetarian is a lifestyle choice, we spoke to blogger Elena to understand why she made this change, how she has a balanced diet, and of course what her favourite FIN product is!

1) How long have you been vegetarian for?

Four years and a little bit.

2) What was the deciding factor in making this change?

I’ve always loved animals and the outdoors, but I’d never looked into how modern farming works. Then I started watching documentaries on animal cruelty and reading up about how unsustainable eating animals is. It changed me. That’s when I decided to become a veggie.

3) How has your lifestyle been adapted since making the move into vegetarianism?

My lifestyle hasn’t changed much to be perfectly honest - I wasn’t a big meat eater in the first place, but I did have to say goodbye to my weekly visit to the sushi bar and leather shoes in the winter.

At first, I found eating out rather frustrating, but then I realised all I needed to do was carefully choose where to have my meals out.

Turning veggieTurning vegetarian also made my diet a little healthier – I started eating more vegetables and trying out new pulses, spices and grains.

I think the toughest bit is being invited over for dinner or staying at a friend’s house for the night. People still don’t find it easy to understand what vegetarians eat. My grandma, for example, thinks prawns, ham and burgers are veggie. Bless her.

4) How do you ensure you have a balanced diet?

I’m not a huge fan of pulses, but I try to incorporate them in my meals. I also make sure to always have nuts or nut butters in the house.

5) How easy is it to find vegetarian/ vegan Health & Beauty products.

It is easier than it used to be, but you definitely can’t simply pop health and beauty products on your shopping list if you shop at big supermarkets. Thankfully Faith In Nature is available in Unicorn Grocery here in Manchester.

6) What’s your favourite Faith in Nature product to use?

The intensive moisturising cream is my new favourite! I love the texture of the product and the lovely subtle smell. I also think my skin feels softer since I started using it. Smothering my face in it is my new favourite bedtime ritual.

7) Do you have any words of advice for someone who is thinking about making this lifestyle change?

Don’t go all out and change your lifestyle all at once. Make small changes every other week and see how hard (or easy!) it is to adjust your life to your new choice. Find new routines you like. This way, you won’t feel overwhelmed.

Vegetarianism isn’t for everyone, but by cutting out some meat and fish from your diet, you can still reduce your impact on the environment.


If you’re interested in trying out Elena’s favourite product, our intensive moisturising cream, then you can buy it online.

The Healthy Veggie (


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