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Why you need watermelon in your beauty regime

watermelon in your beauty regime


Watermelon – a fruit that is ubiquitous with summer fun and refreshment.


But, did you know that behind the watermelon’s pink and juicy exterior is a goldmine of hair and beauty benefits just waiting to be tapped into?


No, well then you better keep reading to discover what you’ve been missing out on.


1)     Watermelon is a skin hydration sensation


Picture the scene – someone offers you an inviting slice of watermelon on a sizzling hot summer’s day – you’re going to snap that up, right? Of course you are, and guess what, so will your skin.


Watermelon is 93% water. If you want to remove dryness and irritation from suffering skin, then include this juicy fruit in both your diet and skincare regime to feel rejuvenated and refreshed.


Take a look at our watermelon shower gel here.


2) Melon is a moisturisation must


The seeds within watermelon contain a very light oil that is non-greasy and packed with essential vitamins. These qualities make watermelon oil perfect for adding moisture to hair that is looking for a little bit of TLC.


The benefits of watermelon to hair aren’t widely-known to the mass consumer market, but savvy Faith in Nature customers show they are ahead of the curve by stocking up on our watermelon shampoo and conditioner.


3) Watermelon is your hair’s best friend


We’re guessing that you’re fans of hair growth? We’re also going to put our necks on the line and guess that you aren’t the biggest fans of hair loss?


No? Neither is watermelon.


The amino acids within watermelon help our bodies to increase blood circulation in the scalp, an essential tenant for hair growth.


What’s more, the Vitamin C in watermelon will act as your body’s ally when it comes to preventing hair loss. It does this by oxygenising your tired hair follicles, promoting collagen formation and increasing the amount of iron in your red blood cells.


4) Watermelon reduces the effects of ageing in the skin


There’s more to watermelon than offering a delicious slice of summery goodness to those in need of refreshment.


There’s also the skincare benefits that watermelon offers, that people simply don’t give it credit for.


If they only knew that watermelon’s natural substances acted as a toner that reduces body tissues and refreshes the skin, maybe they’d be more appreciative of it?


And surely they’d show more gratitude to our juicy friend if they were told that the antioxidants in watermelon slow down the signs of ageing whilst providing goodness that keeps skin looking youthful and feeling supple?


Well, now you can by stocking up on watermelon products for your skin.


5) Watermelon can help reduce oil and acne


One of the main causes of acne is oily skin. You can help to encourage your sebaceous glands to produce less oil by employing the help of our old friend, watermelon. 


That’s because the Vitamin A found within watermelon reduces the pore size of your skin, which, in turn, regulates the amount of oil produced and keeps acne outbreak at bay.


Thanks, watermelon :)


It's time for more watermelon


We hope that you’ve enjoyed this article and feel inspired to show your hair and skin a little watermelon love. If so, make sure that you check out our watermelon products today.

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