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Why go vegan with your beauty routine?


Over 3.5 million people in the UK now call themselves vegan, which is incredible news! We’ve known for years that fur and leather are no go’s and there’s more and more evidence about how shunning animal products in your diet can have tonnes of benefits for your health, but have you ever thought about how vegan-friendly your bathroom is?

Many toiletries, make-up in particular, contain animal products or ingredients that are animal derivatives, such as beeswax. One of the main reasons people go vegan is to stand up to animal cruelty and exploitation, so why not take steps towards a vegan beauty routine?

Vegan beauty routine

For the animals

It goes without saying that making the switch to a vegan beauty regime is better for the animals and for nature. Refusing to play a part in animal cruelty and standing against animal exploitation is not only better for the animals concerned, but also for nature. The more people who choose vegan products, the greater this benefit will be and the more impact it will have.

For you

A clear conscience cannot be underrated! Enjoying your morning shower with your favourite vegan body wash, knowing that no animals were harmed just so you can smell fabulous is a great way to start the day.

The truth is that, generally speaking, vegan products contain fewer synthesised chemicals and instead use natural sources, making them simpler in their make up and less likely to cause irritation or upset to the skin.

Lots of vegans who choose a plant-based diet notice an almost immediate improvement in their hair and skin – but the exact same rules apply to what you put on the outside as well as in your body!

For the environment

Not only do vegan products reduce our reliance on animals and reduce the demand that creates the damage, but many vegan products often come in vegan packaging – everything including the ink, glue and plastics on the label are animal friendly.

Choosing a plant-based diet is not only a conscious, ethical decision that helps you, but also the planet and any number of animals. What people may not realise is that there are a number of products that still rely on animal products simply because many don’t realise what they contain, and the more people that choose vegan beauty, the more rapidly we’ll see change to a better world!

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