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We Love Geranium Oil (And Your Skin Will Too)

Relaxing in the bath

Great for your skin, great for your senses and 100% natural. What’s not to love about geranium oil? 

Geranium oil to boost your mood

Geranium oil is a real favourite with aromatherapists. The uplifting fragrance helps to boost your mood, relieve anxiety and reduce stress. It can also give you a quick pick-me-up if you’re feeling tired. (Check out our guide to aromatherapy oils.) Add a few drops to your oil burner or bath, or choose a shower gel with added geranium oil

Antibacterial and antiseptic essential oil

Geranium oil naturally fights bacteria and infection. Couple that with the fragrance and you’ve got a handy ingredient for DIY skincare or household cleaning products. 

Geranium oil to keep insects away 

We might love the smell of geraniums, but most insects don’t. The essential oil can be used to help repel everything from mosquitos to flies. 

Reduces scarring

Geranium oil is a cicatrizant. To those of us who don’t speak medicalease, that means it promotes healing. Used in a carrier oil, it may help to reduce the appearance of older scars, as well as helping to avoid new ones. 

Geranium oil for your hair

Itchy scalp? Try a shampoo with added geranium oil. Its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory properties may help to promote a healthier scalp and nourish your hair from the root down.    

Ease period pains and menopausal symptoms naturally

Trials have shown that massaging with a carrier oil containing geranium oil can be more effective at relieving pain than taking paracetamol. Other studies have found that regular massage may help with menopausal symptoms such as hot flushes.[1]

Lavender and Geranium shampoo barNow, technically, when we say geraniums, we’re talking about pelargoniums. Pelargonium graveolens oil is a highly concentrated essential oil. It’s too strong to use on the skin on its own, but works wonders when added to a carrier oil such as jojoba or sweet almond oil. It’s also a key ingredient in our bestselling lavender and geranium range, including our brand new shampoo bar

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Note: As with all essential oils, pure pelargonium graveolens oil should be used with caution, particularly if you’re pregnant. If in doubt, choose a product with added geranium oil to reap the benefits safely. 

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