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Vegan Beauty - 5 Celebrity Role Models

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In recent years, the vegan movement has become more entrenched in popular culture than ever before but it seems that Hollywood stars got the memo on veganism a bit earlier than the rest of us. Many of them have been living a vegan lifestyle for well over five years and counting.

So, we thought we’d see what five big-name vegan celebrities had to say about the benefits of a cruelty-free diet and beauty regime.


Jenna Dewan-Tatum

The Step Up actress has certainly stepped up her game when it comes to maintaining radiant looks, and like the other celebs in this list, this is something that she attributes to following a beauty plan that is vegan-friendly.

On the subject, Jenna said “I definitely check to see if the treatments and products I use are humane. I also make it clear to wardrobe on any show or movie that I won’t wear fur. I follow a clean vegetarian diet. That helps my skin out a lot, and I feel more energy as a result, too. Lots of green smoothies!”.

Channing Tatum is one lucky man.


Ariana Grande

The One Last Time singer is renowned for her huge talent and her outspoken support of veganism. The star attributes her sunny complexion and good skin to having a diet and beauty regime that’s not only good for you but for the whole planet. 

If you would like skin like Ariana (and let’s face it, who wouldn’t?), don’t forget to show your body some cruelty-free loving with a revitalising body lotion.


Alicia Silverstone

She may have appeared in Clueless but she is anything but when it comes to the virtues of veganism. In fact, Alicia has even written a book, The Kind Life, on how and why we should become vegan.

In it she covers the ways in which veganism has enlivened her life with a youthful vitality.

“For me, the best beauty secret in the world is to get your diet in order, I’ve been vegan for 13 years and I truly, from the bottom of my heart, believe this is my best beauty tip”.


Natalie Portman

The last thing you would ever associate with Natalie Portman is bad skin; something that the Star Wars actress believes is due to her vegan lifestyle.

"I’m vegan and I find my skin is so much healthier than even when I was a vegetarian. I cut out dairy and eggs, and I never had an acne breakout after. That was definitely a discovery.”

So, for skin that radiates like Natalie’s, treat your skin to cruelty-free products such as our purifying cleanser and rejuvenating facial wash in combination with a non-dairy diet.


Jennifer Lopez

To look that good at 48, you could be forgiven for thinking that JLO has made a Faustian pact. Luckily for anyone wanting to emulate her, Jennifer has not made a deal with the devil; instead she’s simply agreed to a vegan beauty regime.

JLO is a firm believer in hard work at the gym but believes that going vegan has given her the energy necessary to maintain her lifestyle.

"It's basically no dairy, no meat, everything is just plant based and just from the ground. I love that I'm eating more greens. It makes you feel so much better."


What are you waiting for?

If you’re feeling inspired to try a lifestyle that will help you to stay beautiful both inside and out, check out our cruelty-free beauty products today. Or, if you would like to know more about the benefits of veganism, read our blog 6 reasons to love being vegan.


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