The Best Essential Oils to Relax and Unwind with Aromatherapy... and How to Use Them! |

Use the Power of Aromatherapy to Relax and Unwind


Stressful day at work? Kids driving you up the wall? Before reaching for a glass of wine, try aromatherapy…


Many of us have turned to lavender to help us sleep at some point. However, while the oil is fantastic for aiding relaxation and allowing us to unwind, it can also be quite refreshing. So, in other words, don’t just restrict it to night-time!


If you do need help nodding off, chamomile may be the answer. Whether you drink it as a tea, use it as a body lotion or add it to your oil burner, the soothing scent of chamomile helps to calm your nerves, ease stress and promote a good night’s sleep.


This uplifting fragrance helps to de-stress the mind and relieve anxiety. However, unlike chamomile, geranium has an uplifting fragrance, so can help to recharge your batteries and give you a mental boost.


Bergamot is another essential oil prized for its ability to uplift the senses and give you a boost when you need it most. It’s also known for bringing clarity, so it’s the oil you want when you’re feeling overwhelmed with work and can’t see the way through your brain fog to the other side. 


There’s a tonne of reasons why rose essential oil is so prized in skincare. One of them is its aroma. Rose oil has been found to calm and soothe the mind. It’s perfect for adding to your bath after a long day at work. Lay back, breathe deep and try to forget how irritating your colleagues are.


Neroli is a powerful stress reliever that’s particularly effective at calming nerves.

How to use essential oils

Oil burners and candles are ideal for bringing fragrance into your home, but they’re not the only ways to reap the benefits of aromatherapy. Try adding a few drops to a carrier oil, such as jojoba, to make a luxurious massage oil. Or just search our site - many of our products are formulated with essential oils.

Fragrance combining

Just like cheese and tomato are a match made in heaven, so too are several aromatherapy oils. Try adding a couple of drops of bergamot to neroli oil if you’re feeling anxious and need to focus. Or neroli combines wonderfully with rose, and enhances the flower’s tranquil properties.

Our Lavender and Geranium range helps to calm the mind and relax the body every time you use it. The body wash is one of our most popular products and as a recent customer mentioned, it ‘smells divine and leaves skin clean and soft.’ We’ll be introducing a new product to the range soon – a shampoo bar, so watch this space for details!

Please note that some essential oils may not be suitable for pregnant women to use undiluted.

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