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Upping the Green Ante

Upping the Green AnteHot on the heels of news that a £6.5m PET recycling facility has launched in East London, we thought it was high time we shouted about our own green packaging credentials too…

Since 2011, we’ve been packaging a number of our products in 100% recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate (rPET).

rPET material is sourced from initiatives such as kerbside bottle recycling. The bottles are then cleaned, decontaminated and reprocessed to make new bottles, which are perfectly clean and safe for use.

The added bonus of rPET, is that these bottles can be recycled over and over again. That means less bottles will end up in landfill. And that makes us very happy indeed!

All of our 400ml shampoos, conditioners, shower gels & foam baths are packaged in rPET. But we didn’t stop there… you’ll also find all of our 250ml beauty products, our Humphrey’s Corner 250ml products and our 300ml hand washes are all packed in rPET too.

We also use 100% recycled material for our cartons and recycle all company cardboard and plastics which are baled up and sent off to recyclers.

The natural credentials of what goes into our bottles is also very important to us. That’s why you’ll find our formulations free from artificial colours, fragrances and free from those pesky parabens too!

‘’We’ve never been known for resting on our laurels,’’ says founder Rivka Rose. “We aim to push eco friendly boundaries whenever and however possible and are always looking for ways to be even greener.’’

‘’rPET bottles can have a slight tinge or ‘cast’ which can sometimes affect the appearance of a product in the bottle. But we believe this is a small price to pay for products that are derived from even more sustainable sources than before, and even kinder to the environment.

“Our customers can absolutely rest assured they are still benefitting from the same Faith in Nature products and formulations of unrivalled quality.’’

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