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The Power of Nature in Beauty Products


Botanical beauty might be the latest buzzword, but it’s not a new concept! We’ve been using naturally derived products for 44 years and even we’re new to this! Black cumin seed oil was Cleopatra’s’ go-to for bathing and people have been using aloe vera for centuries for its soothing capabilities.


It’s easy to be taken in by marketing though and believe that the expensive beauty products with the scientific names are the ones that will work best, particularly when it comes to the sensitive topic of looking our best. Equally, it’s hard to break from our routine, especially if it appears to be serving us well. Nature is powerful though and the pros of making your hair and skin routine more natural are far-reaching, here are our top reasons for making the switch to natural…


Moisture, moisture, moisture

We all know how much water we should be drinking each day, but our hair and skin needs plenty of hydration too. Natural products contain lots of hydrating properties (and often more water), which helps with a whole heap of problems.


Obviously hydrating products help with dry skin, but did you know it helps with oily skin too? The hydration means your skin stops trying to make extra moisture, so you’re left with flawless results! The same goes for hair too, pick a naturally hydrating shampoo like a coconut shampoo to give your locks a drink.


Hydration can also help with signs of ageing; extreme temperatures, air conditioning, smoking and alcohol can all dry our skin out, resulting in a tightening of the skin and those dreaded fine lines appearing. Our intensive night cream is enriched with organic Ginkgo Biloba and olive oil which hydrates and can help to restore skins balance.


More vitamins please

We all know fruit is packed with vitamins, and when it goes into hair and skincare it’s no different. Vitamin E in particular is known to promote a healthy scalp and shiny hair, which is what makes our Watermelon haircare range perfect for those looking to get their shine back.


Our Grapefruit and Orange body wash is full of vitamin A and C, which help to leave your skin feeling smoother and more elastic.


Fewer ingredients mean less chance of irritation

If you have sensitive skin, the thought of changing your beauty routine can be daunting. Not knowing whether a new product might trigger an allergy or flare up eczema means many people stick to the same products all the time. But natural products could be the answer. Generally, they contain fewer ingredients and no harsh chemical, which means there’s much less chance of them causing irritation. And if you want something really gentle, opt for a fragrance-free rangehttps://www.faithinnature.co.uk/ingredients/fragrance-free.aspx?ing=Fragrance+Free which contains no essential oils.


Long-term lover

There’s no better feeling than using a new product and feeling fabulous afterwards! However, as the fillers and chemicals build up in conventional hair and skin care you may find they start to work less well or that they start to cause irritation. The lack of these extra additives in natural products means they continue to work like the first time, every time, without causing any long-term issues.


Do good for you and the world

There’s a lot to be said for peace of mind, and by using naturally derived, vegan and cruelty-free products which don’t harm the environment you’re making a difference to the world.

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