The Benefits of Rosemary |

The Benefits of Rosemary

There’s no getting away from the fact that the pace of modern life is faster than ever.

The Benefits of RosemaryOne of the beauties of living in a new media age is that we have the wonders of amazing technology at our fingertips.

The flip side? We are a generation who is always ‘on’, available, reachable and working some of the longest hours in Europe.

But the pressures of constantly juggling family, work and an ever growing ‘to-do’ list can leave us feeling jaded, worn out and unmotivated.

So it’s little wonder that when it comes to relieving tension and lifting the spirits, Rosemary is the ‘go-to’ essential oil for many people.

It is widely recommended by trained Aromatherapists the world over, to those feeling mentally fatigued but who need to maintain a clear head.

Rosemary was one of the earliest plants used in medicine due to its antiseptic properties and its history dates back to its use by the ancient Egyptians. Since then, Rosemary has been used for wide range of therapeutic indications.

Basically…Rosemary rocks.

Why we hear you cry?

Well, here’s our 3 top picks of the beautiful benefits of Rosemary.

Emotional wellbeing

Rosemary is believed to be a great balancer for mind and mood. After a fraught day, a long soak in the warming aroma of Rosemary can work wonders on relieving fatigue and soothing stressed souls.

A little TLC for weary bones…

Aches and pains always feel worse when we’re frazzled and stressed. Rosemary has a long history of traditional use for soothing muscles. Its astringent qualities are also thought to help aid circulation. So if you’re in need of a pick-me-up or maybe you’ve had a hard gym session, why not treat your tired limbs to a relaxing Rosemary Foam Bath?

Rosemary’s gentle astringent properties make it ideal for stimulating and cleansing the skin. Perfect for getting cleaned up after a work out.

Happy hair

The astringent properties of organic Rosemary can be of great benefit to hair that needs a little ‘pep-up’ shall we say. Dull looking hair and dandruff can be a sign that your locks and scalp are not happy so opting for a shampoo and conditioner formulated with this traditional herb may help.

Always seek advice from a trained Aromatherapist before using essential oils. Or, choose preparations already blended by experts such as Faith in Nature

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