Skin Savvy – The causes of dry skin in winter |

Skin Savvy – The causes of dry skin in winter

Skin Savvy – The causes of dry skin in winterSo you’ve consigned the decorations to the loft, eaten that last (very lonely) mince pie and joined the gym….

Yep, the ‘New Year, New You’ season is upon us.

But, get fit resolutions, juice cleanses and hectic sale shopping aside, the fun and frolics of the festive season can wreak havoc with our skin.

If you think your skin might be in need of some TLC, here are our top skin saving tips…

Is your skin suffering?

If your skin feels dry, tight, sore, sensitive and flaky then chances are it’s crying out for some love.

Why is my skin so dry and sensitive in the winter?

There are many causes of dry skin in winter. In the midst of a bracing winter day, there’s nothing quite like a brisk walk to blow away the cobwebs. But our skin can really take a pummelling unless it’s properly protected from the harsh outdoor elements.

Even in the colder months and on cloudy days, our skin is still at the mercy of damaging UV rays, which can accelerate ageing of skin cells and encourage the onset of wrinkles and liver ‘sun’ spots.

The urge to hibernate in winter can be overwhelming but cranking up that central heating can also dry out skin.

Top tip: An intensive or replenishing moisturiser is your new best friend. Apply an even layer after gently cleansing the skin each morning and before you hit the pillow. Your skin will thank you for it….

And don’t forget to slather on a restorative hand cream after washing too. 

My skin is dry and yet I’m having breakouts at the same time. Help!

In winter many of us choose to forego a gentle weekly exfoliation. But this can actually cause dead skin cells to build up, dulling skin, blocking pores and causing pesky breakouts. This can be a problem especially for those of us with combination (oily and dry) skin who may find they experience more breakouts, as well as patches of dry skin.

Top tip: A gentle exfoliation with an exfoliator suitable for face and body is great for a skin pick-me-up. Not only does it carefully remove dead skin cells to reveal brighter skin, it also removes excess oils (without drying the skin) and enables your moisturiser to get to where it needs to. 

Should I change my skincare regime in winter?

Most people’s skin suits a lighter moisturiser in the summer months. In colder months it is always worth helping to protect the skin against the elements by using a naturally formulated intensive moisturising cream.

Top tip: Choose a moisturiser made with naturally derived and certified organic ingredients which won’t clog pores or aggravate sensitive skin.

Should I avoid certain ingredients if I have sensitive skin?

Certain chemicals or allergens can trigger skin conditions, so look out for gentle products formulated from naturally derived sources. For those with sensitive skin, hypoallergenic and fragrance free products are a must.

Top tip: Steer clear of creams made with alcohol, artificial colours or fragrances, parabens, SLES,aluminium salts, petroleum based ingredients and phthalates which may aggravate the skin.

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