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Seven top tips to achieve healthy, hydrated summer hair

Whilst we all get excited about going away on a much-deserved summer holiday (and looking glam in the process) it’s important to make sure that your holiday escapades don’t cause unwanted damage to your hair. By following our seven top tips, you can take preventative measures to have fun in the sun and keep your hair protected at the same time.

1)  Pre-holiday prep

The battle to obtain healthy holiday hair starts before you step foot on the plane. There are two essential things you need to do in the run up to your big trip:

  • Have a trim - having a cut before you fly will ensure that any dry or split ends  are removed before your expose them to the sun. Doing so means they can’t split further up the hair shaft in the heat.
  • Condition - a couple of weeks before your trip, treat your hair to regular deep conditioning treatments so that your hair is in peak condition for your adventure. summer hair care tips

2) Take the right products with you

Now that you’ve protected your hair with conditioner, you’ll want to keep up the good work whilst you’re away. Continue the treatment every four days to maintain your hair’s natural moisture levels. What’s more, using natural products that contain coconut oils will act to seal your hair and act as a layer of protection from sun, sweat and chlorine.

3) Shampoo - correctly

Everyone wants to look great on those long summer nights, and doing so means washing all the day’s sand and sea water out of your hair. For this reason, it’s tempting to shampoo daily on holiday but doing so will strip your hair of its natural oils and leave it feeling dry, brittle and damaged.

Instead, try to simply rinse chlorine or salt water out of your hair with water whilst aiming to shampoo no more than 3 times a week. Using a shampoo that’s especially made to rehydrate dry or damaged hair will optimise the process.

4) Turn down the heat

Steer clear of blowdryers or straightening tools in order to avoid putting more strain on hair that’s already in some tricky conditions. If you have to blow dry, make sure you do so on a low heat setting.

5) Cover it up

Splash out on some poolside accessories that’ll keep your hair covered. Investing in a hat or a bandana will keep your hair (and skin) out from the sun’s UV rays, protect coloured hair, reduce wind damage and help you to achieve beach babe chic at the same.

6) Treat your body right

Sometimes holidays can be all about carbs and late nights but keeping things in moderation (if possible), will make a huge difference to your hair’s vitality. Make sure that you drink at least eight glasses of water as your internal water levels play a huge part in determining the health of your scalp. It’s also important to increase your fruit intake, especially of hair-friendly fruits such as pears, avocados and papayas.

7) Style it right

Styles that involve back combing and brushing are a big summer time no-no. If you have to brush your hair, do so with a wide-angled comb instead of a brush to minimise damage. Better still, consider styles such as plaits, messy braids, ponytails or a classic bob to avoid the pulling, tearing and untangling that comes with advanced styling.

So, there we have it.

If you’re looking to live holiday life to the full whilst maintaining healthy and vibrant hair, simply follow our top tips.

If you’re wondering about what products you should take with you, make sure you take a look through our range of chemical-free, hydrating shampoos and conditioners. They may well be your summer-style ally.




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