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Our top six reasons to love being Vegan


As it's January and many of you may be trying a vegan diet this month in support of #veganuary, we thought we’d join in on the global celebration of veganism by penning our thoughts on what is it that makes being vegan great.

If you’re already vegan, kick back and enjoy the post, if you’re considering trying veganism, reading this post might give you the motivation to finally take the plunge.


1) Veganism stands up to exploitation

Becoming vegan is to say ‘no, I will not continue to support the cruelty and exploitation that comes with a non-vegan lifestyle’.

As PETA says ‘animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, use for entertainment or use abuse in any other way.’

By becoming vegan, you are making choices that extend beyond yourself and can sleep peacefully knowing that you are making a conscious effort to end suffering by not playing a part in it.


2) Veganism improves your health

Being vegan is amazing for your health. Countless studies have shown that vegans are less likely to suffer from heart disease, cancer, diabetes or high blood pressure. Combine a peaceful, guilt-free mind with the huge health benefits of veganism and to us, it sounds like you’re onto a good thing.


3) Veganism saves the planet

The meat industry is also harmful for the planet. The huge amount of pollution caused by meat farming is one of the major causes of climate change.

So, if you’re concerned about extreme weather, fluctuating sea levels and melting polar ice caps, be a part of the solution by refraining from eating meat.


4) Veganism makes us look and feel better

From time to time, some of us have had the ambition of kickstarting a healthier diet. If you’re the same, maybe consider giving veganism a go. Why? Being vegan not only keeps off excess fat but also leaves you feeling energised due to the abundance of nutrients you are supplying the body.


5) Veganism makes you smell better

Honestly, we’re not pulling your leg. A recent study that tested how people responded to the sweat of vegetarians compared to meat-eaters found that the sweat produced by the veg-eaters was more attractive to the opposite sex!

The sweat of vegetarians was described as being ‘floral, fruity, sweet or having medicinal qualities’. Doesn’t sound too shabby, hey?

So, there you have it, vegans smell better. Why not take your natural aroma to even greater heights with the help of our award-winning range of cruelty-free, vegan-friendly bath and shower gels.


6)  Veganism saves lives

Consider this, in just one large US-based slaughterhouse, on average, between 300-400 cattle are ‘processed’ every hour.

This staggering figure, and countless others like it, are why vegans around the world make a conscious decision to take a stand and play no part in this diabolical process.

We hope that you enjoyed this post. If you feel inspired to try out veganism or want to tell us your own reasons why you love being a vegan, why not let us know on Twitter.


In the meantime, discover why we are committed to delivering natural, cruelty-free health and beauty products.






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