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How to match your hair type to the right kind of shampoo

Match hair type to shampoo

We all have those days where no matter how much hairspray we use, or how many times we re-straighten that one section of our hair, it's just going to be a bad hair day.

You may think there's nothing out there that can solve this, and we're not going to say we're going to get rid of all bad hair days (although that would be amazing). But, what we can do, is help reduce the number of bad hair days we have. How? Shampoo. That's right, shampoo.

It's not all about how many times you're washing your hair in a week, it's about what you're actually washing your hair with. The right shampoo can be the difference between changing bad hair into silky, healthy-looking locks.

There's so much choice when it comes to hair care products. So it’s good to know how you should cater for your hair type so that you can find your perfect shampoo match.

So, let’s take a closer look at what kind of shampoo you’ll need to really get the best out of your hair.


Washing a fine line

Fine and thin hair types are most commonly found in fair or blonde hair. This type of hair can often lack volume due to its thinness. Without volume, it’s easy for hair to appear lifeless and dull.

To help battle this problem, and help your hair to appear fuller, you should use shampoos that specialise in volumising your hair. This will help to add more structure and strength. Shampoos that contain plant extracts can also help to make your hair look fuller, and you'll be feeling hair confident in no time.


That's the last straw

Damaged and coarse hair can often look and feel very straw-like and broken. We all know how split ends are a girl's worst enemy!

Damaged hair can often become extremely dry and cause a case of frizz no matter what the weather.

All-year-round frizz and split ends? No, thanks. Take matters into your own hands by using moisture-enhancing shampoo to re-hydrate your hair. Using shampoos that contain natural oil such as coconut oil, will help to lift your locks and make your hair feel and look more alive.


Goodbye grease

One of the biggest misconceptions over greasy and oily hair is to wash and wash until it no longer becomes greasy. The actual solution is to use shampoos that include ingredients such as aloe vera or herbal extracts.

These shampoos help to restore balance and reduce the chance of oily hair. Our top tip is to avoid shampoos that are specifically for thick or curly hair as they will often contain extra added moisture. 


For the sensitive ones

Nothing's worse than having an irritated scalp. The uncomfortable head scratching leaves us having to be extra careful with every hair product we use, but not anymore. It's time to lose the sensitivity by using gentle ingredients such as aloe vera to wash your hair without aggravating your scalp.

Tea tree oil-based shampoos help to soothe and moisturise your scalp to keep you itch-free. Remember, fragrance free and natural shampoos are best to ensure your scalp doesn't become or remain irritated. Itchy scalps can also be caused by lack of moisture, so try to avoid drying your hair on a high heat setting.


You can't hurry hair


Sometimes we don't have time to wash our hair as we're in a bit of a rush, whether it's because we're running late for work, or we totally forgot about that coffee catch-up we agreed to last week. In these emergency instances it can sometimes be a good option to use dry shampoo.

But using dry shampoo regularly is a situation that you’re best to avoid as it can cause grease and a build-up of dandruff that will lead to issues with the scalp. To keep your hair looking healthy and vibrant, it’s important to not overuse the quick-fix of dry shampoo. Instead it is best to have a good wet shampoo regime to ensure your hair remains non-greasy and your scalp is being well nourished.


So, there's the quick speed-dating version of which shampoo matches which hair type, your perfect match is up to you. If you need a little bit more of a helping hand, we can guide you with a few more hair care tips to keep your locks life on track.

Oh, don't forget that hair and scalp conditions can change from time-to-time, so it's always a good idea to re-evaluate the shampoo you use to make sure you always have the right match. 


Not sure what shampoo would be right for you? 

We've put together this handy infographic to help you choose which of our hair care products from our Brave Botanicals range will suit your hair type, have a look below!


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