Grow your own Avocado plant in 12 simple steps. It's a perfect houseplant! |

Grow your own avocado plant


Houseplants are really having their moment in the sun. And they’re only going to grow in importance as more and more of us move to urban living and smaller homes. There’s something particularly rewarding about growing something from seed, especially when that seed doesn’t cost you anything. Enter the avocado plant...

  1. First off, remove the avocado pit and give it a quick wash.
  2. The slightly pointier end needs to face up and the flatter end needs to face down. So have a quick look to make sure you know which end is which.
  3. Poke three or four toothpicks into the side of the avocado pit, evenly spaced around the circumference. Top tip: Push them in at a slight angle, pointing downwards and make sure they’re in far enough to support the weight of the pit.
  4. Fill a glass or jar with cold water.
  5. Rest the toothpicks onto the rim of the glass so that half the pit is in the water and half stays dry.
  6. Put the glass somewhere sunny, like on a windowsill.
  7. Change the water every few days. Stale water can make your avocado pit go mouldy (plus it smells).
  8. Keep an eye out for roots sprouting from the bottom of the pit. This can take several weeks. First you’ll notice a crack appearing in the pit and eventually a small root should peek out from the bottom of the crack. Once the avocado has sprouted a healthy root system, it should send up a small shoot.
  9. Once it has a few leaves, remove the toothpicks and plant the seedling in its own pot. The RHS recommends using John Innes No. 2 potting compost.
  10. When the plant has reached around 15 centimetres tall, cut off the top half of the stem. This will encourage it to sprout new leaves and bush out.
  11. When it’s grown another 15 centimetres or so, cut the stem just below the second highest sets of leaves. Again, this will encourage new growth.
  12. Repot your plant when needed.

If you look after your avocado plant well, it may give you many years of enjoyment before it gets too big to keep indoors. You can then plant it outdoors, although it might not last through a UK winter. Avocado plants often get discoloured and a bit weedy after a couple of years inside unfortunately, but you can always grow a new one if that happens.

Did you know our founder’s love of nature is partly thanks to an avocado plant she grew on her New York windowsill? Who knows what yours might inspire you to do!

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