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Go green for the holidays!


No, we don’t mean that you should become the Grinch this holiday season! There’s an ever-increasing focus on single-use plastics, the environment and how our actions can have an impact but it’s something that can be put to the back of our minds over the festive seasons. When you’re busy and maybe a little stressed, we welcome a little more convenience, but with a few simple tricks and changes, this could be your greenest festive season yet!

Skip the gift sets

DIY gift sets mean you can choose exactly what goes in them and skip the excess plastic that pre-made ones inevitably come with. Buying the items individually and putting them in a reusable bag or recyclable box gives you a clearer conscience and the recipient less waste to deal with.

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Use recyclable paper

If you do need to wrap presents, opt for wrapping paper which is recyclable. Remember the scrunch test; foil and glitter paper might look pretty, but it’s not able to be recycled.

Saving the paper you remove from presents this year and using it on the ones you give next year is a simple and effective way to reuse, and stops the need for you to buy more paper. But if you want to go totally paper-free, why not use fabric or a scarf instead.

Make your own cards

Lots of cards end up in landfill, making your own is a great way to ensure they’re fully recyclable and it gives them the personal touch too. Head to your local craft store and pick up some recycled card and envelopes to get you started, you can also buy eco-friendly, plastic-free glitter to give them that extra sparkle.

Switch to LED

LED lights use up to 80% less energy than regular bulbs, and when your home is full of them over the holiday season, it makes a significant difference, not only to the environment but to your electricity bill too!

If you’re buying outdoor lights, look for ones which are solar powered and work on a timer.

Waste less food

It’s easy to get carried away and overindulge, but with a little planning and forethought you can make sure you waste much less food. Simply by planning who you’re feeding, what you’re feeding them and when, you’ll find you buy less food and make the most of leftovers (bubble and squeak anyone?).

Use your freezer wisely too, if you find you’ve cooked much more than you’ll need, freeze it for another time rather than letting it go to waste.

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