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Celebrities you never knew were cruelty-free ambassadors

It may sound a little cheesy, but here at Faith In Nature, we let our belief that doing good and being good should rightly form the core of our business.

The testing of cosmetics and toiletry products on animals has long been banned in the UK, and the sale of cosmetics that contain such ingredients have also been banned across the European Union as of 2013. That's a huge step, and it's an amazing one at that.

However, in some countries it's not the case and the picture is still a lot bigger than we might think. But, like us at Faith In Nature, there are also celebs who believe in being cruelty-free too, and you might just be a little surprised to see who they are:

Sir Paul McCartney

Sir Paul McCartney

The one and only Sir Paul McCartney, known by many as the 'charming' member of The Beatles, but also an avid cruelty-free ambassador. We all know the hits and the lyrics to his famous songs, but what we didn't know is just how much of a supporter of cruelty-free this Beatle actually is.

We would recognise his melodies anywhere, but did you know McCartney is actually the narrator of PETA's 'Glass Walls'? It's a short documentary that exposes the cruelty of farmed animals, and actively encourages watchers to help end animal cruelty.

McCartney doesn't stop there, he is a huge advocate of educating future generations about the importance of being cruelty-free, he even sent a copy of the documentary to the moon in hope of showcasing what he found to future space explorers (by then we hope cruelty-free will be a universe wide notion).

2011 saw McCartney join forces with the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection in calling for the use of cosmetics testing on animals to be banned across the European Union, thanks to his help - it worked! His cruelty-free work didn't stop there. In 2012, he supported the Be Cruelty Free campaign, which is the largest campaign in history to seek an end to cosmetic animal testing. Two incredible cruelty-free victories were won as India banned the use and import of cosmetics tested on animals.

An influential musician who has been supporting and helping the cruelty-free cause for as long as we can remember. If you listen carefully to some of his songs (Looking for Changes), you'll even be able to hear his support through music. What a Beatle!


Miley Cyrus


Miley Cyrus

She came in like a wreckin'ball, destroying all the myths and tales about veganism and swapped her twerking for animal supporting.

Supporting the Beagle Freedom Project, Miley helped to raise lots of awareness and support for dogs who are exposed to clinical trials. Harnessing her huge following on social media to get the word out, Miley posted a picture of her and her newly adopted Beagle using the hashtag #DontTestOnBeagles. Miley currently has over 46 million Facebook likes, now, that's a lot of people she can reach with one photo, and we're sure her millions of fans also turned their support to the Beagle Freedom Project.

Using her incredible online reach, Miley recently hosted a cruelty-free BBQ. At the iHeartSummer'17 Weekend, Miley Cyrus donned her own apron as she served up only vegan food to raise awareness of animal cruelty.

Again, using her social media powers, Miley publicised her BBQ on Instagram to her 70 million strong following. Inviting fellow celebrities such as Liam Hemsworth, this vegan BBQ definitely created a summer buzz around the support of cruelty-free. 

Ricky Gervais

Ricky Gervais

You might be surprised that there's more to funny man Ricky Gervais than just spending time in The Office. Whether he's sending out passionate tweets or openly stating his outrage regarding animal testing, there's no doubting his incredible support for creating a cruelty-free world.

Showing his compassionate side to his 12 million followers, Gervais tweeted: "Whether you believe that life evolved over billions of years or God made everything, you can’t justify torturing an animal for a shampoo". All in aid of his pivotal role in the launch of Cruelty Free International.

The Cruelty Free International now has millions of members across the globe, and their successes are proving a huge dividends in helping to combat cosmetics and toiletry testing. Countries such as Thailand, China, Brazil, and Russia are all now taking active steps to ridding animal testing thanks to the hard work from Gervais and his team at Cruelty Free International.

Peter Dinklage

Peter Dinklage

Our favourite Game of Thrones star, Peter Dinklage, is also an ambassador for the prevention of cruelty to animals. He recently chastised Game of Thrones’ fans who, inspired by the show’s ‘direwolves’, had taken to owning huskies as pets. This trend has led to a rise in huskies being abandoned after their new owners could not cope with the demands of owning the Northern Inuit breed of dog.

As well as this, Peter is also a brand advocate for the animal rights charity Peta. In fact, he even fronted a video for the charity that highlighted the daily cruelties faced by animals in the food production industry.


The list goes on…

The list of famous faces who are all cruelty-free ambassadors doesn't stop there, it also includes the likes of Joss Stone, Gwen Stefani, Kat Von D, and gold-winning Olympian Greg Rutherford. Do know you know of any more that we haven’t mentioned? If so, let us know on our Twitter

Here at Faith in Nature, we only use ingredients and products that have not been tested on animals. Our beliefs and faiths go hand-in-hand with cruelty-free, and we hope one day the world will think so too.  

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